About us

BuildingCenter is the CaixaBank company focused on divestment in the portfolio of properties belonging to the group based on criteria of financial rigour and maximisation of value.

At BuildingCenter we focus our work on understanding and analysing the Spanish property market as the essential key to generating knowledge and property value for our shareholders and for our clients.

Our primary activity concentrates on guiding and fixing strategy for divestment in the portfolio of property assets available for sale by the CaixaBank group, by working to maximise their property value, according to criteria of financial rigour and adaptation to demand and the evolution of the market.

Through our Servicers, the companies that exclusively markets our assets, we place the results of our work at the disposal of anybody looking for a place to live or work, as well as the investment market and the development of new property supply.

BuildingCenter knows the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, fully assuming its content and committing to its strict compliance, both in first person and through the different suppliers with which it collaborates, which, in any case, must accept and respect the aforementioned Principles.

  • Housing stock

    BuildingCenter has a portfolio of assets made up of a mix of residential, industrial, land and rentals.

  • Rental

    As part of its maximum value strategy, BuildingCenter’s offer is made up of a portfolio of properties, with a part of the portfolio being made up of homes that are rented in conditions adapted to families with difficulties, in line with the group’s fundamental commitment to society.


To be a recognised landmark for our excellence and professionalism, to contribute to the sustainability of a property market that generates wealth and well-being, according to criteria of rigour, commitment and efficiency.


Bringing knowledge and professional competence to bear to reposition and create a broad range of assets in a process of divestment, as the essential key to generating property value for our shareholders and social and economic progress for the society in which we work.


  • Commitment

    Commitment to society, the Group’s foundational spirit, emphasises the aim of wanting to contribute to a more just society with more equal opportunities.

  • Excellence

    We believe that a constant striving for excellence is the best guarantee of quality in our work, client service and product.

  • Efficiency

    We believe in the appropriate, measured use of resources to achieve each objective.

  • Rigour

    Professional and financial rigour in analysing and implementing the reactivation of our assets is essential to consolidate the value of our work.

  • Innovation

    We apply innovation to all our work processes as an essential part of our methodology.

  • Professionalism

    We are sure that much of the differential value of our brand lies in the drive and creativity of highly-qualified teams.

Executive Team

  • “We provide knowledge and professionalism in our divestment strategy, with the aim of maximising the value and quality of our portfolio while bearing in mind the CaixaBank Group’s commitment to society”

    Jordi SoldevilaManaging Director

  • “What we offer responds to different needs and susceptibilities on the market, including any kind of property for the use that our customers require at any given time, either for sale or for rent.”

    Borja KaiserGeneral Manager

  • “We have a large portfolio of properties on sale but, what’s more, we also work on important development business regarding the legal and financial aspects of developments and the creation of new-build projects with a clear commitment to revitalising the property market.”

    David CózarProperty Business Manager

  • “One of our pillars as a company is active leasing management, which enables us to maximise the value of the portfolio, without forgetting our commitment to families that need to build a home.”

    Jesús HuarteDirector of Property and Global Property Management

  • “We carry out our business in line with the values of integrity, service orientation and sustainable commitment to society.”

    Gaspar GonzálezInstitutional Relations and Reputation Management Manager

  • "We apply innovation and efficiency to all of our processes as a fundamental element for our methodology"

    Marta DruguetMedia Manager

  • "Our differential value is based on the talent and professional development of all the people in the company".

    Alesander BerzosaHuman Resources Manager

  • “We work to provide solutions to improve legal, management and asset valuation processes in order to have greater knowledge about our property portfolio, with the ultimate aim of being able to deliver a high-quality service to our customers and the general public”

    Ivan MoyaReal Estate Operations Manager

  • "We have a rigorous internal control framework and a solid culture of compliance, acting in an integral, respectful, transparent, socially responsible manner and based on the excellence, professionalism and confidentiality of our professionals as basic principles of action of BuildingCenter and in compliance with the corporate values ​​of quality, trust and social commitment."

    Héctor BorgeCompliance and Control Manager

  • “We provide rigour, dynamism and dependability to the financial management of the business as well as providing advice for the development and implementation of the company’s global strategy”

    Sylvia DiezFinance Director